The Firsts of 2023 Book Tag

When I saw Annemieke mention this on her blog, I decided it sounded fun and I would do it. The Readings Firsts book tag was originally created by Tanya from girlxoxo. I couldn’t find a 2023 version to link to on Tanya’s blog, so I’ll stick with Annemieke’s list of reading firsts. It’s a short and sweet book tag, so let’s get started!

First Book Read This Year

I actually started this book in 2022, but finished it in 2023. It’s an approachable book written for young adults about, overall, what’s the “tea” about being trans. It includes examples of well-known people who are trans, how to tell your family, among other topics.

First Book Reviewed

love on the brain by ali hazelwood

The first review I posted on my blog in 2023 was Love On the Brain by Ali Hazelwood. But I don’t know if it’s the first review I technically wrote in 2023. I tend to have reviews on the backburner in case I get too busy to write up new ones.

First Book By A Debut Author

Bookworm by Robin Yeatman

Bookworm by Robin Yeatman is the first book I read in 2023 by a debut author. It’s a subversive dark comedy and I received an ARC of it for free to review.

First Book By A New-To-Me Author

My answer to this is the same as in the last prompt: BOOKWORM by Robin Yeatman.

First Book That Slayed Me

I reread the A Court of Thorns and Roses series this year, so A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas was the first book to slay me. I cried as much at the end of that book as I did the first time I read it.

First Book That I Wish I Could Get Back The Time I Spent Reading It

Gilded Cage by Dani Wyatt

It took a while before I read a book this year that made me wish I’d spent my time reading something else. That novella is Gilded Cage by Dani Wyatt.

If anyone wants to participate in The Firsts of 2023 book tag, please feel free. I’m not going to tag anyone this time. But I’d love to see your answers for The Firsts of 2023!

Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

Good morning, fellow readers! Seasonal allergies are currently kicking my butt and I’ve been busy trying to finish a chonky ARC. So I haven’t been as present on the blogosphere lately. Regardless, I squeezed in a few posts and it’s now time to do the Quarter Year Crisis book tag. Chris tagged me for this one, though it was originally created by Roisin’s Reading on YouTube.

This tag is a fun look at how the first three months of the year were with respect to reading and such. But it’s April now, so my answers include anything up through mid month. So I’m not too far ahead to complete this tag! Let’s get started.

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The Birthday Book Tag

Happy birthday to me! I am now solidly in my mid-30s, but I still feel like I’m in my 20s having a good time. Only instead of clubbing on weekends I much prefer to read a good book. I’m living my best life. Anyway, as one way to celebrate my birthday I decided to complete the Birthday Book Tag.

I found the Birthday Book Tag on Mackenzie’s blog. Created by Antonia at Always Books, this tag provides birthday-related prompts that you completed with a book recommendation that fulfills it.

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Would You Rather Book Tag

It’s been a while since I did a book tag. So I looked through some saved tags and picked the Would You Rather Book Tag. I first saw this on Mint’s blog. But Thrice Read transcribed the questions from a Buzzfeed article. This book tag bills itself as the hardest game of “Would You Rather” for book nerds. Based on the presented scenario, pick which one you would rather have to deal with. Let’s get started on the Would You Rather Book Tag!

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