Hello! I’m Celeste, a book reader turned book blogger who lives in northern Virginia. This is my outlet for sharing reviews and opinions about the books I read in the hopes of connecting with more avid bookworms. I mostly read fantasy books, but I also delve into nonfiction and science fiction. Occasionally I’ll read something outside of my comfort zone in the contemporary fiction/literary fiction genres. I’m a big mood reader. I see the chaos of mood reading as my creative zone outside of work. *cue Emperor Palpatine’s voice* So be it!

I am not a full-time blogger and instead hold a full-time science job Monday through Friday. When I’m not reading or working, I also love to travel and visit Virginia wineries and breweries with my husband; garden; and cuddle with our cat. No thanks to the pandemic, we don’t travel as much anymore. Second to reading I consider gardening my next biggest hobby. There’s something magical about watching your own food grow throughout the seasons.