Review Policy

A Literary Escape’s Policy for Book Review Requests

Because some seem to not read my website, here’s the most important paragraph in bold:

I am always happy to hear from authors and publishers who would like me to review their book. However, at this time I am NOT currently accepting Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) or already published books for review.

Please note that my preferred reading genres are science fiction, fantasy, memoirs, and nonfiction. I usually don’t read or review crime, thrillers, romance, or chick lit.

Since I have a full-time job unrelated to reading and book reviews, and do not currently accept monetary compensation for my personal time spent reading and reviewing books via requests, I may be selective with which books I choose to review. This is purely a hobby for me and I’d like to keep the fun in it!

Please send all review requests through the contact form. Provide me with your name, email address, whether you’re the author or the publisher, whether I’ll be receiving a free e-copy of the book, and a synopsis of the book. I will not reply to requests omitting these basic informational details.

If I agree to review your book:

–> I will read and review it within two months of receiving a copy of it. I am open to e-copies. (I prefer physical copies, but only from verified publishers since I don’t relish giving out my personal mailing address.) If you would like me to read and review your book sooner than my two-month deadline, please let me know and I will see if I can accommodate your request.

–> I will post my review on this blog. I will share my review on my @alitescape Twitter account at least once.

–> If I am not enjoying your book, I reserve the right to not finish it and to not write a review. I prefer to write positive reviews (e.g., three stars or greater out of five) as I’m sure the author/publisher prefers to receive positive reviews. If I feel that a book I’m reading and reviewing isn’t at least 3 out of 5 stars, I will notify the original entity that contacted me (e.g., author/publisher) and notify them of my intent to not finish reading the book and/or to not write and publish a review.

–> My review will consist of a photo of the book cover, content warnings, a rating out of five stars, at least one synopsis paragraph, and the rest will consist of my impressions of the book. Feel free to peruse my book reviews for examples.