2022 Support Book Bloggers Challenge: November Check-In

In an effort to support and promote book bloggers further in 2022, Pages Unbound is hosting a (very casual) “Support Book Bloggers” Challenge. The idea is simple: we will work together to read blog posts, share them, comment on them, and boost book bloggers in other ways. To learn more about the challenge and the 12 prompts involved, visit the original post here(The above banner was created by Pages Unbound.)

If you decide to join in on the fun, the social media hashtag to use is #BookBloggerSupport22.

Here are my responses to the previous prompts:

At a minimum, when I post a book review I try to find other book bloggers’ reviews to backlink in my own. However, I noticed I didn’t do so much of that this month for a couple of inconsequential reasons. But I backlink to others when I can. Here are five posts in which I do so.

  1. I participated in a couple of Book Blogger Hop prompts, such as whether I read a book before watching the adaptation. These posts backlink to the host, Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer.
  2. I posted a response to the SciFi Month: Gone But Not Forgotten prompt and backlinked to Imyril @ There’s Always Room for One More.
  3. When I participated in the prompt for Nonfiction November Week 2: Book Pairing I linked back to the creators as well as to Sahi @ My World of Books, where I learned about this readathon.
  4. Sometimes I participate in the Sundays In Bed With… meme and backlink to the host, Midnight Book Girl.
  5. In this End of the Year Book Tag post I backlinked to the blogger who tagged me, Chris @ Biblio Nerd Reflections.

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