Support Book Bloggers Challenge: Guest Post by Bobs and Books

In an effort to support and promote book bloggers further in 2022, Pages Unbound is hosting a (very casual) Support Book Bloggers Challenge. The idea is simple: we will work together to read blog posts, share them, comment on them, and boost book bloggers in other ways. To learn more about the challenge and the 12 prompts involved, visit the original post here(The above banner was created by Pages Unbound.) If you decide to join in on the fun, the social media hashtag to use is #BookBloggerSupport22.

The prompt for September is to write a guest post for a blog or feature a guest post on your own blog. Earlier this month I encouraged bloggers to reach out if they wanted to be featured on my blog. Thankfully my outreach didn’t fall into the internet void! All guest posts are presented as given to me; I have not edited any of the content save for the formatting.

For my first featured guest post, please meet Emma at Bobs and Books! Keep reading to learn more about this fellow book blogger!

Meet the Blogger

What is your name (and pronouns, e.g., she/her), in what country are you based (if you feel comfortable sharing), and where can we find your blog? List any other social media you may have, if you like.

I’m Emma she/her, living in South Wales, UK. I am @bobsandbooks on Twitter and Instagram and my book blog is Bobs and Books.

What genres do you typically read and/or avoid?

I try and read a variety of genres and am very much a mood reader. I love romance, historical, crime/thriller, and am really enjoying non fiction at the moment. I tend to avoid science fiction and fantasy but most other genres I’ll try.

What are some of your favorite books to recommend to others?

Ooh I feel like I always fail at this question as I always forget something I adore. Last year’s book of the year for me was Elizabeth Day’s Magpie. Such a twist that I still think about loads. I also loved Hostage, Clare Mackintosh. Their Eyes were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston never leaves me, and my comfort read is always Alice in Wonderland.

What inspired you to start your book blog?

Living alone in lockdown, I was reading more than ever. I started tweeting and then got to see other book blogs, and fancied trying it for myself. I cannot believe how supportive the book community have been and am so grateful.

Who are some of your favorite book bloggers?

Aww this is difficult. Pretty Little Writer, Bookaholic Bex for their blogs and LetsGetReadical and Bubbly Bookstagram on Instagram are also fabulous. This list could be three pages long, if not more as there are so many great people doing this.

What are some other hobbies you have in addition to reading?

I am a member of my amateur theatre company and enjoy acting. A different way of storytelling I guess!

I also really like swimming, yoga and meditation. Wellbeing is really important to me.

I have tried lots of hobbies to see what I like- failed hobbies include a football referee course, bell ringing and burlesque dancing!

A free space to mention anything else you’d like the book blogging community to know about you.

I am in the category of book bloggers who is also writing- not yet published but keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also to anyone thinking about start a book blog… do it- there are NO negatives. Getting the opportunity to read some books in advance is a magical feeling, and you’d be joining a wonderful book community. I felt like my whole life I never fit in until I joined this community. We are a welcoming inclusive tribe, and I promise that includes you.

Thank you, Emma, for participating in this month’s Support Book Bloggers Challenge! Please feel free, of course, to check out her blog and social media handles.

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