Wyrd and Wonder: Bite-Size Fantasies

Todays’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is “bite-size fantasies.” While this sounds delightfully fun, it is meant to focus on short story or novella-length fantasy stories. Since last year’s Wyrd and Wonder I have read quite a bit more fantasy books (obviously), some of which were on the shorter side. Here is a list of some bite-size fantasies that might be of interest. I loosely interpreted novellas as 200 pages in under, though I believe technically they are typically shorer than that.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Frequent Recommendations

The Wyrd and Wonder prompt challenge for today is “most often recommended to you (or by you).” I don’t usually find myself asking for recommendations often, simply because I have a huge backlist at home. As this is the case, I’ll focus on fantasy books I tend to recommend to others. If you know me, I bet you know what will be first in this Wyrd and Wonder frequent recommendations list! This list is on the shorter side because I really have to like something to constantly recommend it to others. Call me a critic, if you will, but that’s just my nature!

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Wyrd and Wonder: Historical Fantasy

Fantasy as a genre encompasses many subgenres, one of which is historical fantasy. This subgenre incorporates fantasy elements into a specified historical setting. For example, someone could write a book set in 17th century Scotland that incorporates magic and mythical creatures.

In continuation of celebrating fantasy, today’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is historical fantasy. Below is a list of historical fantasies I have read and enjoyed. Hopefully this gives you some ideas to include on your To Be Read list! The book covers link to their respective Goodreads pages.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Fae Focus

I’m off to a great start here with the Wyrd and Wonder prompts! Today it’s all about the fae. Or as I sometimes like to call them: my book boyfriends. I kid, I kid. But not really. I don’t know what it is about the fae that grabs my attention, heart, and soul with fantasy book choices. Maybe I can blame my high school self for adoring Legolas in the film adaptations. (Yes, I know Legolas is technically an elf.) Or, going further back in time, I loved the fairy prince, Cornelius, in the animated movie Thumbelina. Suffice it so say there’s a lot of romanticization of the fae despite their characterization as tricksters. But that makes for a great enemies-to-lovers scenario, right?

Now, let’s jump into a list of books that have fae characters. Some I liked more than others, but I shan’t be as discerning today. What I thought was average others might really like. In making this list I realized it’s about time to find a new fae-centered read.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Magical Locations

First, May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

The prompt today for Wyrd and Wonder is magical location. Given that this event celebrates the fantastic and our love of everything fantasy, needless to say there are a lot of magical places to share. So here’s a list featuring some of my favorites for the Wyrd and Wonder magical locations “challenge.”

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