On My Radar: May 2024

Well, better late than never, but here’s the May 2024 On My Radar list! I’m a few days late because I was on vacation. Here are a few of the posts on my radar around the blogosphere in May. Notably, check out Jodie’s post on Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week 2024, also listed below in the “Bookish Miscellany” section. Hopefully this introduces you to a few more bookish posts you might’ve missed last month!



Bookish Miscellany

June 2024 TBR

Just like last month, I still have some older ARCs that I have yet to read. For the sake of brevity I only listed their titles this time. I also have a ridiculous number of books started, which I included here in the hopes of finishing them this month. My June 2024 TBR is light on ARCs, which I’m happy about. I have a grand total of one June ARC and I already read it. This gives me a little bit of breathing space (if I choose to ignore my backlist ARCs). My June 2024 TBR is also a little different than my typical TBR and includes books in genres other than fantasy. It’s good to mix it up sometimes! Onward!

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Wyrd and Wonder: Twin Peaks

After indulging at the Fountain of Youth, my next stop is the Wyrd and Wonder Twin Peaks. This destination is all about featuring duologies. While I haven’t read that many duologies, I do love the relative brevity of them. That is, I love that I don’t have to commit to 3+ books in a series. Lately I’ve been avoiding longer series so that I can (try to) focus on my physical backlog. A description really has to grab me to start a new series.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at some duologies I enjoyed, need to finish, or want to read. The “want to read” section focuses on completed duologies.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Fountain of Youth

After mucking around in the Icy Waters of Waiting for the Next Book, I decided it was time to say goodbye. Next up is the Wyrd and Wonder Fountain of Youth! While on this conglomerate of islands I’ll mention some books that feature immortal characters. Thinking back on what I’ve read, I suppose I’ve read a fair amount that fall into this category.

Wyrd and Wonder 2024 map.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Reaching Fingers

After stopping at the Bite Sized Islands, I decided my next jaunt would be to the Wyrd and Wonder Reaching Fingers. Reaching Fingers is where I’ll happily share some upcoming titles that I’m eager to get my hands on. I already have a list of anticipated second quarter book releases. But here at Wyrd and Wonder Reaching Fingers I’ll include some from that list and look farther into the future for upcoming fantasy books. This, of course, isn’t an exhaustive list, but consists of books I’m really looking forward to. That means there’s a higher chance I’ll actually read them.

Wyrd and Wonder 2024 map.

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