October 2023 TBR List

It’s that time again. I’m back with my October 2023 TBR list. I feel like my October reading will be very harried. There are a lot of amazing new releases this month. And while it’s possible I could read all of my October ARCs this month, I forgot about a couple of library holds that I don’t want to push back. Plus I really want to make progress on HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD (finally). And on the side I have SFINCS novellas to read. So, I’ll do my best while giving myself some grace with ARC publication dates. Now, let’s look at what I put on my October 2023 TBR list.

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On My Radar: September 2023

Looking at this On My Radar list, September apparently had quite an impression on me! There’s always good content to consume on the blogosphere. But I guess I either saw a lot more posts I connected with, or my semi-blogging hiatus gave me more time to peruse. Either way, there’s lots of good stuff for everyone to read, if you haven’t already!



Bookish Miscellany

September 2023 TBR List

What in the world?! Who said it was time for a September 2023 TBR list?! Not me, I can assure you! I’m not ready to let summer depart. Then again, I tend to get more reading done when the weather is nastier. Win some, lose some.

As usual, I have a couple of ARCs to focus on this month. I’ll prioritize those. The rest is more of a toss up. I know I’ll have at least one library hold arrive, possibly two. I’ll include them just in case they become available. Otherwise it’ll be mood reads or other ARCs after I finish the September ARCs. So, let’s see what’s on my September 2023 TBR list.

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July 2023 TBR List

It’s time for my July 2023 TBR list! July is a busy month for me because my attention will be elsewhere for a bit. So I’m honestly not sure how many of these I’ll actually finish. But it’s good to have goals (or so I’m told), right? August has a ton of book releases, for which I have four ARCs, I believe. It may not seem like a lot to the bookish community at large, but it is when juggling travel, a full-time job, mundane house chores, and gardening.

That said, my intent is to focus on these August ARCs. But mood reading is good for the soul. And chances are I will stray from my ARCs to get a mood read or two in. So, let’s get on with my July 2023 TBR list!

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Anticipated Third Quarter Book Releases

And just like that it’s time to talk about anticipated 2023 third quarter book releases! There are so many books that will be released in August. I really had to hold myself back from a requesting spree for books this quarter otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. As it is, I doubt I’ll be able to read all of my summer ARCs by their publication date because my summer is busy. After the discourse on Twitter about whether one must review an ARC “on time,” I’ve started to give myself more grace. I prefer to read and review an ARC by publication day, but it’s not always possible for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, I digress. Stay on target! Here are some of my anticipated 2023 third quarter book releases. Obviously there’s no way I can read all of these. But it’s nice to keep track of them nonetheless.

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