February 2024 TBR List

I did better than expected with my January TBR list and read five of the seven listed, plus some SFINCS novellas. So I hope to continue the trend this month with my February 2024 TBR list. Crescent City #3 is now out in the world, so I plan to devote my early February reading time to that chonk. I also know February is a super busy month for new fantasy releases. Thankfully I found my self control and didn’t go overboard, so I think my February 2024 TBR list is manageable.

I also have SFINCS novellas to read, too. While I hope to get to a lot of these books below, I know it probably isn’t realistic. This February 2024 TBR list is really more of a way for me to organize what I have to read. After February I think most of my reads will be from my own shelves. I plan to cut back on ARC requests and stick to a couple of my favorite publishers.

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February 2024 Book Releases

I usually post quarterly about upcoming book releases. However, I thought I’d try this whole monthly post thing, starting with February 2024 book releases. If you’re a regular reader, many of this will look familiar to you from my first quarter book releases list. However, I added a few more books since then to this list of February 2024 book releases. The emphasis remains on fantasy books, but I also included some nonfiction and literary fiction.

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On My Radar: January 2024

Hello and goodbye, January! As usual, there were lots of great posts around the blogosphere. And, as usual, I rounded some of them up for another On My Radar post. So have a look at some of the reviews, discussions, and bookish miscellany that fellow bloggers put out into the world. If you want to look at past On My Radar posts, check them out here.



Bookish Miscellany

Anticipated First Quarter Book Releases in 2024

Well, here we are! With 2023 gone it’s now time to look forward to anticipated first quarter book releases in 2024. January through February looks like a banger quarter for book releases in 2024. I think this is the most excited I’ve been about book releases ever. Will I read them all? Probably not. But I can dream about it! What I also love is that so many of the books that look interesting to me are also standalones. That makes me super happy because, frankly, I don’t want to commit to too many more series. (But that’s hard to avoid with the fantasy genre.)

I know a lot of bloggers already seem a bit stressed at the amazing possibilities. At the time of writing this post I have so far held off from requesting too much. However, my January looks stacked and I’m still digging out from 2023!

No matter, though. Let’s take a look at some anticipated first quarter book releases in 2024 that I’m looking forward to. I listed the books in the order they will be released in the U.S. If more than one book has the same release date, then I second ordered them by the author’s last name. Also, if you want more “anticipated book release” lists, check out mine from the first, second, third, and fourth quarters of 2023.

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January 2024 TBR List

There are so many books I need or want to read that I’m just going to lay them all out here. No “priority” vs. “hopeful” January 2024 TBR list. I’ll just put it all on the table, especially since I am still behind on my ARCs. I did so well for most of 2023 and stayed on top of things, meaning reading most ARCs before their publication date. However, I’m not perfect, which is evident when you see this January 2024 TBR list!

I also have to read at least two of the novellas assigned to my SFINCS team by January 30. This sounds reasonable. I haven’t yet decided which ones to read, so they are not in the January 2024 TBR List.

Overall, I don’t have a ton of books in my January 2024 List. However, this doesn’t take into consideration what’s in the February pipeline. Ideally I like to start an ARC a month ahead of time. But I haven’t followed my own rules lately. Alas. Anyway, here is my list.

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