October 2023 TBR List

It’s that time again. I’m back with my October 2023 TBR list. I feel like my October reading will be very harried. There are a lot of amazing new releases this month. And while it’s possible I could read all of my October ARCs this month, I forgot about a couple of library holds that I don’t want to push back. Plus I really want to make progress on HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD (finally). And on the side I have SFINCS novellas to read. So, I’ll do my best while giving myself some grace with ARC publication dates. Now, let’s look at what I put on my October 2023 TBR list.

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September 2023 TBR List

What in the world?! Who said it was time for a September 2023 TBR list?! Not me, I can assure you! I’m not ready to let summer depart. Then again, I tend to get more reading done when the weather is nastier. Win some, lose some.

As usual, I have a couple of ARCs to focus on this month. I’ll prioritize those. The rest is more of a toss up. I know I’ll have at least one library hold arrive, possibly two. I’ll include them just in case they become available. Otherwise it’ll be mood reads or other ARCs after I finish the September ARCs. So, let’s see what’s on my September 2023 TBR list.

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June 2023 TBR List

When I make TBR lists I tend to treat them as a list of “hopeful reads.” I’m easily swayed from a TBR list I create for myself, usually because of mood reading or the arrival of a library hold. However, this time I want to stick to my June 2023 TBR list. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all of these books. But I want to stay as close to this June 2023 TBR list as possible for several reasons.

The first is to read the first book of a series or two to decide whether I want to purchase the inevitable special edition of their sequels. Second, I want to focus more on my own physical backlog, which was one of my bookish goals this year. And third, August is an ARC-heavy month and I need to start prioritizing because July will be incredibly busy for me.

With all that in mind, here is my June 2023 TBR list. It seems I gave myself a lot of chonkers for this month. The book titles link to either Bookshop.org or Amazon.

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Wyrd and Wonder: Best Laid Plans

It’s the first day of Wyrd and Wonder 2023, everyone! How exciting! I first found out about this social media platform-crossing event last year. So this is my second time joining and I’m pumped! For those unaware of this event, Wyrd and Wonder is an annual celebration of all aspects of the fantasy genre as an enthusiastic party of adventurers put it front and centre on blogs and other platforms. For more information on how to participate, check out Imyril’s post here. Prompt challenges and read-a-long information are here.

The first prompt is “best laid plans.” Since interpretations of prompts aren’t set in stone, I choose to use this prompt as a way to show off my May TBR list. Since Wyrd and Wonder celebrates fantasy, this month’s TBR is exclusively within that genre. Below are the books I hope to read. Will I stick to this list? Who knows?!

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April 2023 TBR List

I’ve already read two of the three advanced review copies (ARCs) I received for April releases. But I still have plenty left to read, as we all do! My April 2023 TBR list is a combination of April and May ARCs along with a library and backlist book.

As always, I’m sure I’ll throw other books into this list on a whim, too. Lately I tend to have a nonfiction book as a backburner audiobook for when I do mundane household activities. I also have a novella and graphic novel checked out of the library at the moment.

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