February 2024 TBR List

I did better than expected with my January TBR list and read five of the seven listed, plus some SFINCS novellas. So I hope to continue the trend this month with my February 2024 TBR list. Crescent City #3 is now out in the world, so I plan to devote my early February reading time to that chonk. I also know February is a super busy month for new fantasy releases. Thankfully I found my self control and didn’t go overboard, so I think my February 2024 TBR list is manageable.

I also have SFINCS novellas to read, too. While I hope to get to a lot of these books below, I know it probably isn’t realistic. This February 2024 TBR list is really more of a way for me to organize what I have to read. After February I think most of my reads will be from my own shelves. I plan to cut back on ARC requests and stick to a couple of my favorite publishers.

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January 2024 TBR List

There are so many books I need or want to read that I’m just going to lay them all out here. No “priority” vs. “hopeful” January 2024 TBR list. I’ll just put it all on the table, especially since I am still behind on my ARCs. I did so well for most of 2023 and stayed on top of things, meaning reading most ARCs before their publication date. However, I’m not perfect, which is evident when you see this January 2024 TBR list!

I also have to read at least two of the novellas assigned to my SFINCS team by January 30. This sounds reasonable. I haven’t yet decided which ones to read, so they are not in the January 2024 TBR List.

Overall, I don’t have a ton of books in my January 2024 List. However, this doesn’t take into consideration what’s in the February pipeline. Ideally I like to start an ARC a month ahead of time. But I haven’t followed my own rules lately. Alas. Anyway, here is my list.

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December 2023 TBR List

I did really well with my priority reads last month, so I’ll try to keep this trend going with respect to my December 2023 TBR List. I do still have some backlogged ARCs that I need to get to. (In fact, I started one at the end of November.) So most of my December 2023 TBR List priority reads will be ARCs. Regardless, let me know if any of the books below are also on your TBR for December!

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November 2023 TBR List

Since I fell behind with my October ARCs, I decided to fit them into my November 2023 TBR List when I can. My November ARC list is manageable, so I might be able to squeeze in an October ARC. But I also need to read more SFINCS novellas and, ideally, a book or two “for fun.” November is also SciFi Month and hopefully I can overlap some of my ARC and novella reads with that. So here’s what I decided for my November 2023 TBR List.

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October 2023 TBR List

It’s that time again. I’m back with my October 2023 TBR list. I feel like my October reading will be very harried. There are a lot of amazing new releases this month. And while it’s possible I could read all of my October ARCs this month, I forgot about a couple of library holds that I don’t want to push back. Plus I really want to make progress on HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD (finally). And on the side I have SFINCS novellas to read. So, I’ll do my best while giving myself some grace with ARC publication dates. Now, let’s look at what I put on my October 2023 TBR list.

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