SciFi Month: Gone But Not Forgotten

Well, well, well, time for a SciFi month prompt. Today’s is “gone but not forgotten.” In other words, share some wall-to-wall geekery about “a book written by an author who is now dead / film or tv made by or starring people now dead / a dead character you miss (spoiler alerts please).”

To be completely honest, I had to think for a hot second about this prompt. These days I find myself more in the fantasy realm rather than that of science fiction. However, I read and watched a lot more science fiction when I was a tween and teen than I do now. Let’s see what I have here…

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SciFi Month: Space Opera

For my first foray into the world of SciFi Month prompts (aside from my November hopefuls), today’s is about the space opera subgenre. I had not heard about this subgenre until about one or two months ago. So, in case you’re like me, here’s a great definition from Wikipedia:

Space opera is a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes science fictional space warfare, with use of melodramatic, risk-taking space adventures, relationships, and chivalric romance. Set mainly or entirely in outer space, it features technological and social advancements (or lack thereof) in faster-than-light travel, futuristic weapons, and sophisticated technology, on a backdrop of galactic empires and interstellar wars with fictional aliens, often in fictional galaxies.

Some well known space operas are Star Wars and the updated Battlestar Galactica show. Today, however, I’m featuring a book marketed as a space opera. (I’ll be surprised if I’m the only one to mention this book today!) It just so happens that this will be my first jump back into a scifi book in well over a year. At the time I’m scheduling this post I haven’t technically started it yet, but I plan to very shortly!

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