Wyrd and Wonder: The Icy Waters of Waiting for the Next Book

After stopping at Reaching Fingers, it’s now time for my Wyrd and Wonder journey to the Icy Waters of Waiting for the Next Book. In other words, I’m going to feature a series that I feel just isn’t being written fast enough. If you’re a long time follower of my blog or Instagram, then you’ll probably be able to guess my top answer to this.

Wyrd and Wonder 2024 map.

Drum roll, please…

A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

The series that I most need to be written faster is A Court of Thorns and Roses, specifically the fifth full-length novel. Yes, yes, the Crescent City series is great and all. But ACOTAR is the series for me. And I’m more than ready to fly around again with Rhysand and his Inner Circle. Like, hello, can we get Elain’s story next? I’m waiting over here!

Yes, I have other ongoing series. But real talk: I have yet to find another series that has me in this much of a chokehold. Other series, I love you, but honesty is important. 😉 It also wouldn’t be Wyrd and Wonder if I didn’t mention ACOTAR at least once!

Come visit me at the Icy Waters of Waiting for the Next Book! What are some series that you feel are taking too long to be written?

The black dragon artwork is by Ehtisham Sajid. Ariana at The Book Nook created the Wyrd and Wonder map.

10 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder: The Icy Waters of Waiting for the Next Book

    1. No release date yet. ???? But she did post something on IG about drafting it somewhere up north. So she’s working on it!

  1. ACOTAR isn’t a series that I’ve ever been able to get into but I hope that you don’t have to wait for too long before the next book.

    1. It is definitely taking a while to even get news about the next book. As you know, I didn’t really love A Court of Silver Flames as much as the others. So, I’m hoping the next book draws me back in. I don’t think I can handle another book from Nesta’s POV, though.

      1. Yea, Nesta is a hard sell. I highly doubt the next book will be her POV. Many believe it’ll be Elaine’s story. I’m hoping that’s the case!

  2. I’m glad I couldn’t get into ACOTAR because I would be well annoyed at her flouncing off and writing another series instead. She was writing that at the same time as her ToG series too wasn’t she? Most of my waiting on series are just because they’re slow writers, which is OK, I guess.

    1. I haven’t read TOG, but I do think you’re right that she wrote some of ACOTAR while also writing TOG. Yea, I am a bit frustrated she’s started another series. I guess she needed to get her ideas on paper!

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