June 2023 TBR List

When I make TBR lists I tend to treat them as a list of “hopeful reads.” I’m easily swayed from a TBR list I create for myself, usually because of mood reading or the arrival of a library hold. However, this time I want to stick to my June 2023 TBR list. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all of these books. But I want to stay as close to this June 2023 TBR list as possible for several reasons.

The first is to read the first book of a series or two to decide whether I want to purchase the inevitable special edition of their sequels. Second, I want to focus more on my own physical backlog, which was one of my bookish goals this year. And third, August is an ARC-heavy month and I need to start prioritizing because July will be incredibly busy for me.

With all that in mind, here is my June 2023 TBR list. It seems I gave myself a lot of chonkers for this month. The book titles link to either Bookshop.org or Amazon.

Priority Reads

Hild by Nicola GriffithHer Majesty's Royal Coven by Juno DawsonNorth Queen by Nicola Tyche

A COURT OF SILVER FLAMES by Sarah J. Maas: This is the last of the ACOTAR books that Chris and I are buddy reading together. I was the brake on this one as we were supposed to finish in May. But non-bookish life was a bit busy last month, so we pushed it to June.

HILD by Nicola Griffith: I joined a small group buddy read of this on bookstagram. It has been on my Goodreads TBR for quite a while. So it will be nice to finally read it. I’m looking forward to it because it’s set during 7th century Britain. I’ve always had a soft spot for the medieval era with respect to historical fiction.

HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN by Juno Dawson: I received this in one of my book subscriptions last year, I believe. The sequel comes out near the end of June, so I’d like to know if I like it enough to potentially order a presumed special edition of it.

NORTH QUEEN by Nicola Tyche: This is an ARC I acquired on NetGalley during an incident in which my finger slipped and hit the request button. I ignored the page length because the early reviews seemed pretty positive. Plus it’s a fantasy romance and I love those.

Hopeful Reads

Orchid Child by Victoria CostelloForged by Blood by Ehigbor OkosunHouse of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. MaasBrittle by Beth Overmyer

ORCHID CHILD by Victoria Costello: This is another ARC. I opted not to request it on NetGalley earlier because I was trying to be good. Instead I included it in my anticipated second quarter reads list. However, the author contacted me separately and offered to send me an ARC. I accepted with the caveat that I wasn’t sure I could read and review it by the publication date. But that I would love to read and review it nonetheless.

FORGED BY BLOOD by Ehigbor Okosun: Yet another ARC. I want to read this sooner rather than later since I believe it will be in one of my book subscriptions. I’ve read a couple of ARCs this year that ended up having a SE. Sometimes it’s nice to know beforehand whether to skip a month or not given space is at a premium these days.

BRITTLE by Beth Overmyer: Admittedly the cover 100% drew me in followed by the shorter page length (288). The publisher categorized this book on NetGalley as New Adult fantasy and the blurb promises fae and folklore. So count me in. This hits stores in August, but due to its length I might be able to squeeze it in as a faster read.

HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD by Sarah J. Maas: I really wanted to read this in June, but since I had to push ACOSF to June, I doubt I’ll get to it. So this is solidly in my hopeful bucket. But I do want to read both books by the end of the year since the third one comes out in early 2024.

What’s on your June 2023 TBR?

9 thoughts on “June 2023 TBR List

    1. Yep, you’re right about a sequel! I looked it up the other day and it’s over 700 pages long! It comes out later this year, so it might be on NG later, if not already.

  1. I never do monthly TBR lists because I don’t know what I will feel like reading. I have four ARCs that I need to read within the next three weeks but apart from that, who knows. It will depend on what appears at the library or how the mood takes me.
    Hope you enjoy all of these. The covers all look brilliant.

    1. Mood reading is the best…that’s what I’d rather be doing, but at least these are all books I want to read eventually! Your library always seems to have some new releases ready for you to grab…I wonder if there aren’t a ton of fantasy lovers at your library branch haha.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone actually claim their finger slipped…

    Only other person I know who’s read Hild is a mega-fan, so excited to see what you make of it.

    1. You never know what can happen on NetGalley! 😉

      I hope I like it! I saw there’s a sequel coming out later this year and it’s even longer…over 700 pages I think.

  3. Sounds like you have a good reading month coming up! I hope you enjoy all your TBR books (:

    I haven’t planned anything for June, except that I need to read the third Thursday Murder Club book because I have to return it.

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to hard to stay on track but the beginning of this month has been busy with non-bookish things, ahhh!

      It’s nice not to have a planned month of reading, so I hope you enjoy it to your heart’s content. 🙂

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