February 2023 TBR List

I can’t remember if I made a December 2022 TBR list. I definitely didn’t for January 2023 and I had a good reading time last month. But I do want to make progress on my physical backlist, so I thought making a February 2023 TBR list would help keep me on track. February has a lot of ARC commitments for me, but I read most of them in January to keep my stress levels low. But I have a couple of March ARCs, too, so I’ll throw any early ones into the mix.

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

THE MAGICIAN’S DAUGHTER by H.G. Parry: This is an ARC, which hits stores on February 28 in the U.S. I love fantasy books from this publisher, so I’m excited to dig in soon. It’ll probably be my next priority read.

A COURT OF MIST AND FURY by Sarah J. Maas: This is a reread for me as part of a series buddy read. I’m excited to finally reread it as it’s my favorite in the series. I can’t wait to see Chris’s reaction to ACOMAF.

THE FOXGLOVE KING by Hannah Whitten: This is another ARC from Orbit from an author whose works I really enjoy. (Says the book blogger who hasn’t actually read the second book in the For the Wolf duology. But my point stands!) The synopsis gives me the impression it might be darker than FOR THE WOLF, and, if so, bring it on. This hits stores on March 7.

LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND by Rumaan Alam: Look, a book from my physical backlist! This was gifted to me by a family member. I think it’s actually a decommissioned library copy. My focus for my backlist is to read books I know I’ll donate afterward. And this one is fairly short, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through it quickly. It looks like it’s a horror or mystery thriller, which I rarely, if ever, read. So it’ll be a departure from my usual genres.

And that’s it for my February 2023 TBR list! Anything else I fit in here will be a bonus. I’ll start with these and move on from there. What’s on your February 2023 TBR list? Do we share any of the same hopeful reads?

13 thoughts on “February 2023 TBR List

    1. That’s good to know! I saw so much buzz about this book when it came out, yet the Goodreads reviews in terms of star ratings look very average. I have no idea what to expect, so it’ll be an adventure.

  1. I seriously cannot WAIT for The Foxglove King! I absolutely adored The Wilderwood duology and I’ve heard that while this book is suuuper different from those, it’s also really magnificent. I just love Hannah’s writing!

  2. I’ve got my eye on The Foxglove King but I am not sure yet. There are still way too many books waiting here.

    My February TBR List can be found here.

    I hope you have a lot of joy with all your planned books.


    1. Ha, there are always so many books waiting out there. I barely made a dent in January in my physical backlist of books sitting on my shelves. Thanks for linking your TBR!

    1. The cover definitely drew me in to The Magician’s Daughter. I’m about 5% in so far and enjoying it, but my reading is a bit chaotic right now as I have 3 books going and suddenly SPARE was available from my library.

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