Wyrd and Wonder: Celebrate Celtic Mythology

In lieu of participating in Wyrd and Wonder on my blog this week I’ve been reading FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros. Or, trying to, at least, in between other things that cropped up this week. Regardless, today’s prompt is mythology, or celebrate a subgenre. If I had planned better, I would have saved my recently-created list of Arthurian retellings for today. But alas. (Please check it out if you missed it!) Instead, my focus is to celebrate Celtic mythology, which is just as fun to read.

Allow me to be frank in that I don’t know much about Celtic mythology. However, I inadvertently many times a year seem to read fantasy books inspired by it. This inspiration usually isn’t evident to me when I read the synopsis. Or perhaps it’s not evident to me because I am not educated in it. (Highly possible.) Nevertheless, I do enjoy them when I read them. So allow me to celebrate Celtic mythology and share it via a list.

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Book Review: A Storm of Wrath and Ruin by Kristin Ward

Author: Kristin Ward
Series: Daughter of Erabel, #3
Age Category: Young Adult
Publisher: Self-Published
Publish Date: February 22, 2022
Print Length: 326

Want to support local bookstores? Buy a copy of A Storm of Wrath and Ruin on Bookshop.org!*

*These are not affiliate links and I do not make a commission from any purchase made using these links.

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Sundays In Bed With…

The Sundays in Bed With… meme, hosted by Midnight Book Girl, dares to ask what book has been in your bed this morning. Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

I assume I’ll be in bed with this book this morning. But given I had to schedule nearly all of October’s posts, there’s a chance I might have picked a different book. That said, let’s get crackin’.

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October 2022 TBR List

Hello, friends! I’m back yet again with another monthly TBR despite saying for years I hate them. This is my third one ever. There are more books in this list than I think I’ll be able to get to, but I can dream!

For October I decided to join Spooktastic Reads, a Wyrd and Wonder mini event. This event occurs over the 13 days leading up to Halloween (October 19-31) to celebrate all things dark in the fantasy genre. No sign up is necessary. Just have fun! For more information about the event, visit Ariana’s break down on The Book Nook.

Thankfully I have no ARCs due in October. (Okay, technically I have one, but I already read it.) Although I have my third round BBNYA assignment (full-length books), I more or less have free range for this month. I’ve never actually themed my reading list before, but I’m going to try to stick to Halloween-y vibes.

As usual the book covers link to the official synopses. I may be able to squeeze one or two more in here, but I have a lot going on in October, so I’ll keep the list to these five.

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Top 5 Books Featuring Wyrd and Wonder Mascots

IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com. The gorgeous tree wolf is not royalty-free, but is licensed for use to promote Wyrd and Wonder online. You are welcome to use the banner on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes (except to resize if needed) and always credit the artist!

Wyrd and Wonder is a celebration of all things fantasy. The format of figurative consumption doesn’t matter. You can read, watch, game, puzzle, etc. anything fantasy! To learn more visit my introduction post, which includes links to the hosts and more information about this month-long appreciation of the fantasy genre.

Part of this celebration includes posting Top 5 lists according to various prompts, if you so choose. Those prompts are available on Imyril’s blog There’s Always Room For One More. This week’s prompt is a Top 5 list of books that feature Wyrd and Wonder mascots.

We’ve had five gorgeous mascots so far: dragon, phoenix, pegasus, raven and wolf. Share some favourite books that feature (one of) these beauties on the cover, as a character or as part of the world-building. Mix and match mascots or focus a top five on your favourite.

In no particular order, here are my top five to answer this prompt.

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