Sundays In Bed With…

The Sundays in Bed With… meme, hosted by Midnight Book Girl, dares to ask what book has been in your bed this morning. Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

I assume I’ll be in bed with this book this morning. But given I had to schedule nearly all of October’s posts, there’s a chance I might have picked a different book. That said, let’s get crackin’.

A Storm of Wrath and Ruin by Kristin Ward

I participated in The Write Reads blog tours for the first and second book of this series. The author gifted me a copy after the second book tour. I feel guilty about not reading it sooner, but I was truly swamped by my late 2021 decision to request all the books on NetGalley. Now I’m in a more comfortable spot and look forward to finally reading the third book. It incorporates elements of Irish mythology, which I’ve come to love in fantasy books. And the evil character truly gets more barbaric as the series continues.

About the Book

The official synopsis contains spoilers for the first two books in the series.

Author: Kristin Ward
Series: Daughter of Erabel, #3
Age Category: Adult
Publisher: Kristin Ward
Publish Date: February 22, 2022
Print Length: 326

Bloodlust. Power. Vengeance. War is coming. And all must be ready.

The drums of war are beating, their echoes filling Dorcha Wood as Fiadh, and those who stand with her, ready themselves for what is coming. Beyond the forest’s borders, Aos Sí armies march, exacting a terrible vengeance on mankind as they fulfill the dark wishes of Rygeil-a ruler who has forsaken the Great Mother, Danu. But, vanquishing the children of men will take more than the magic flowing through Aos Sí veins. Rygeil covets Fiadh, believing she is the key to unlocking a power so vast none could stand against him.

As destruction sweeps across the landscape, armies of men are amassing, flocking to a corrupt ruler who seeks more than the defeat of the elven army. Like Rygeil, Lord Darragh hunts Fiadh. Her power. Her blood. His dark purpose, twisted by the malevolence of an evil woman. And, at his side stands Gideon, a man who vowed to see his people avenged whatever the cost.

Erabel is under siege. All that stands between its downfall or salvation is one young woman whose blood sings with the power of the earth itself.

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