September 2023 TBR List

What in the world?! Who said it was time for a September 2023 TBR list?! Not me, I can assure you! I’m not ready to let summer depart. Then again, I tend to get more reading done when the weather is nastier. Win some, lose some.

As usual, I have a couple of ARCs to focus on this month. I’ll prioritize those. The rest is more of a toss up. I know I’ll have at least one library hold arrive, possibly two. I’ll include them just in case they become available. Otherwise it’ll be mood reads or other ARCs after I finish the September ARCs. So, let’s see what’s on my September 2023 TBR list.

Priority Reads

The Phoenix King by Aparna VermaThe Words of Kings and Prophets by Shauna LawlessThe Milkweed Lands by Eric Lee-Mader

THE PHOENIX KING by Aparna Verma: This was published on August 29, so I’m a little behind. But I intend to finish this over the next week. This is described as “action-packed debut of fire magic and ancient prophecy, in which the fate of a futuristic desert kingdom rests in the hands of a princess desperate for power and an assassin with a dark secret.”

THE WORDS OF KINGS AND PROPHETS by Shauna Lawless: This is the second book in the Gael Song Book series, out October 3 in the U.S (September 14 elsewhere). I read an ARC of the first book last year and loved the two strong female main characters. It’s set in the very late 10th to early 11th century Ireland when various cultures began mixing together even more. Fun fact: many of the characters are based on real people.

THE MILKWEED LANDS by Eric Lee-Mader: This is a shorter nonfiction book about milkweed plants, out September 26. Because it has gorgeous color illustrations I have to read it as a special .pdf, but that’s ok. It’s not a long book and I’m looking forward to learning more about this plant, especially since I planted lots of them in our yard.

Hopeful Reads

Liquid Snakes by Stephen Kearse.Kissing Kosher by Jean MeltzerThe Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake

LIQUID SNAKES by Stephen Kearse: I don’t think I would’ve found this book had I not been looking through the new releases on my local indie bookstore site. First, that cover is awesome. Second, the author is local. And third, the premise sounds so interesting. The tagline is: “What if toxic pollutants traveled up the socioeconomic ladder rather than down it? A Black biochemist provides an answer in this wildly original novel of pollution, poison, and dark pleasure.” I was supposed to have this book in my hands already. But the barcode for this book was put on an Amish romance book. So when I showed up at the library to pick up LIQUID SNAKES I was very confused.

KISSING KOSHER by Jean Meltzer: I’ve been seeing Meltzer’s books pop up more and more. So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and put an early hold in at the library. There’s a chance I’ll at least have it in my hands in September. I’m not sure if I’ll complete it this month, though.

THE ATLAS PARADOX by Olivie Blake: There’s a chance this has already been on a recent TBR. (Ah, yes, it was on my March TBR for Trope-ical Readathon.) Well, here it is again! I really need to make some progress with series I’ve started or that have sequels coming out soon. It’s just a heavier read, so we’ll see if I’m in the mood for it later in the month.

I think six books is good enough. Are any of these books in your September 2023 TBR list?

13 thoughts on “September 2023 TBR List

    1. You’re quite welcome…can’t believe the second book of that series is almost out. Luckily in the US it doesn’t come out until October, so I still have some time to read it!

  1. Kissing Kosher looks so cute! I’ve been really curious about Aparna Verma’s books ever since I first heard about The Boy With Fire. Sadly, that wasn’t on Kindle in the UK. I’m hoping this new book of hers will be! Happy reading, Celeste 🙂

    1. I think THE BOY WITH FIRE is the same book as THE PHOENIX KING…I believe it was given a new title when Orbit acquired it. Double check, but I think they’re one and the same. So look for it under its new title!

    1. I did, too! I thought it was all fantasy and so I was a little surprised when I saw ships were used to travel. I never knew I’d like a cool blend of fantasy & sci-fi.

  2. That’s definitely a varied TBR for this month. I really want to read The Phoenix King I hope you enjoy all of these

    1. I’m 50% through THE PHOENIX KING now and while I’m still trying to keep up with all of the moving pieces, I think it’s really well done so far. I’m looking forward to finishing it, hopefully this week.

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