September Blogging Plans

Not that I typically have blogging plans per month, but it wasn’t in my September blogging plans to decide to take a semi-hiatus. Everything was proceeding as usual. I presented my September TBR plans a few days ago. I was excited to visit friends and family in Maine. But as soon as I took my phone off of airplane mode on Friday after landing, I received a call urging me to do some follow up tests at the emergency room.

Long story short, the tests came back ok and I went on with my Friday after 4 hours in the ER. That adrenaline crash is real. I felt pretty discombobulated by this unexpected turn of events until I got a full night’s rest.

For a variety of reasons I won’t be elaborating on this space precisely about what’s going on. But I can feel myself becoming more distracted by it. So I feel that I need to loosen my grip on the perceived obligations that come with blogging.

However, I will still be around. This space and reading are nice distractions that help keep me from focusing on something that isn’t fully within my control. I just need a little more “freedom” this month. That means I probably won’t post my own content as much in September. But I will still be on social media and will try to continue with blog hopping.

I also plan to use this blog “down time” to catch up on some things that have been languishing on my bookish to-do list:

  • Complete a Meet the Blogger interview
  • Finish reading my ARC of THE PHOENIX KING by Aparna Verma and then review it
  • Get back on track in general with ARCs
  • Write a book review for KING OF BATTLE AND BLOOD by Scarlett St. Clair
  • Post about my participation in the first ever round of the Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship (SFINCs)
  • Start reading novellas for the SFINCs

In short, I just need a little more time for myself this month to recalibrate. So, these are my “September blogging plans.” Thank you all for understanding!

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Honestly, it is so much more important to take care of yourself and cope with health issues. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and focus on other things. Hope things do okay, though and you have a chance to recharge and recuperate.

I hope everything is OK, and I can understand why you’re so distracted. I heard about SFINCs the other day, that’s so cool you’re a judge!

Hope you are recovered from your health scare. Four hours in ER would terrify me. I’m definitely looking forward to your Meet the Blogger interview.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Health problems are incredibly draining, take the time you need to recover physically and emotionally!

Sorry to hear about the ongoing health challenges. That can be so scary and exhausting! Definitely take the time you need to take it easy and focus on your health.

I hope everything is okay! Take all the time you need to get things back to normal! Sending lots of love and good vibes your way! <3

I’m sorry to hear you had a scare and glad to hear the initial tests were ok – I’ll keep my fingers crossed the ongoing investigations also turn out fine. Take the time you need, and know your bookish pocket friends are all sending our best wishes x

I hope you feel better soon! Totally understand about feeling obligated to blog and have felt the same way too – hope you’ll be able to take the time off that you need!