Spooktastic Reads: Creepiest Cover

Today’s prompt for Spooktastic Reads, a Wyrd and Wonder mini event, is “creepiest cover.” I suppose there are numerous ways to spin this, such as the spookiest cover I’ve ever seen, read, or have on my bookshelf. I opt for the last option: the spookiest book cover I have on my physical book shelves.

The creepiest book cover on my shelf be a little out of left field (or maybe not).

Did that get a small laugh out of anyone? Or a whimper? I haven’t yet read it but as soon as I do it will go into the donation pile.

The runner up (or first place on my shelves of fiction) is EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE by Jay Kristoff. This says “power” to me more than “creepy,” but so it is as I don’t feel I have many books with creepy covers.

What’s the spookiest book cover on your shelf?

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the Trump book gave me a good laugh. 😂

But I gotta say, I don’t like the cover of Empire of the Vampire of this edition.