September 2022 TBR List

As I said last month in my August TBR post, I almost always stay away from making a TBR list. However, I followed my August one pretty well, so I thought I’d try it again. This time I have less ARCs to read, but I still have a minimum of four I need/want to read for various reasons. The book covers link to the official synopses.

Sabriel by Garth Nix

I’m reading this book for the first time as part of Jordyn’s read-a-long. By the time I post this I’ll likely be well into the second week’s assignment. This is a book I’ve seen floating around for a very long time now. And I thought this was the type of event I needed to motivate myself to finally ready it.

Spear by Nicola Griffith

I’ll be honest, the book cover drew my interest for this one. The handful of reviews I skimmed all seemed to have positive things to say about this novella. Once I saw that this is an Arthurian tale (and a queer one at that, for those seeking that representation), I was sold. Lately I’ve had a penchant for Arthurian-era books and I hope I enjoy this one!

One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig

This one is an ARC from NetGalley, out September 27. I really hope I can read this one in time. There’s a good chance since SABRIEL is on the easier side to read, stylistically. And SPEAR is a novella. The comparison to FOR THE WOLF and the mention of dark magic lured me in to request this on NG.

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

I received a special edition of this book from the Fairyloot adult book subscription several months ago. They recently announced that there will be a matching special edition for its sequel, but it will be separate from the subscriptions. So now I feel obligated to read this to determine if I want the special edition to make a matching pair. (But that’s only if I like the book…I’ve seen mixed reviews about it.) All I know about it is that it’s dark academia related. The sale goes live on September 27 for active subscribers, so I need to read it by then.

If I manage to fit anything else into this month, great. But these are the four books I’ll focus on in September. I also need to finish by BBNYA 10k word extracts. I’m still working on a nonfiction book called BURN THE PAGE by Danica Roem. But there’s a high chance I might DNF it because I don’t have the bandwidth right now and I’m not a huge fan of the writing style either.

2 thoughts on “September 2022 TBR List

  1. Haha I’ve tried to make a monthly TBR but I’m the worst in sticking to it. From yours, I’ve only heard of and tried The Atlas Six but unfortunately it happened not to be for me. So I DNF’ed it. Hope you’ll have better luck with it!

    1. This is only my second time making one because I am very much a mood reader. I don’t generally like making a commitment to a set list of books because usually when there’s a restriction I want to buck it haha.

      Yes, I’ve seen very mixed reactions for THE ATLAS SIX. Most of them have been an average reaction (i.e., liked it, but it was ok) and I think I’ve only seen one that really enjoyed it. I’ve only skimmed these reviews to get a general reaction feel (so I can avoid any deep-seated influences on my opinions), but other than that I have no expectations.

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