2024 Bookish Goals

I made bookish goals for the first time in 2023. With one more year under my belt, it seems only prudent to make some 2024 bookish goals. They’re similar to the ones I made last year, with a few exceptions. New notable topics to my 2024 bookish goals are to complete ongoing series reads and track my bookish spending. Kal at Reader Voracious has a lovely spreadsheet system that is great if you like numbers.

I nixed SEO improvement from my 2024 goals because I feel like I more or less figured it out. I considered adding a goal about writing timely reviews. But I don’t usually have an issue with that and tend to write them within a week of finishing a book.

Anyway, keep reading to learn more about my 2024 bookish goals.

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2023 Reading and Bookish Goals

Hello, 2023! This will be the second full year that I’ve had this little space in which to ramble about books. So that means it’s time to make some 2023 reading goals! Many of them will be similar to last year. Regardless, I think it’s nice to make goals because they serve as an end point for reflection once the year ends. I spent a lot of reading time in 2022 devoted to ARCs. And while I obviously love reading upcoming books, I also want to focus on my own backlog. So, overall, I plan to keep a lot of my goals attainable so that I can make time for the books I already own.

I also thought about perhaps making some blog content-related goals. But I didn’t want to box myself into a self-made obligation. Especially because blogging already takes so much time and I didn’t want to make it any more difficult for myself! So most of the goals below pertain specifically to reading rather than blogging.

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