Top Five Powerful Books I Read in 2022

In a slightly different approach to a yearly reading list recap, I thought I’d mention my top five powerful books I read in 2022. I first saw this on Stephen’s blog at Stephen Writes and I thought it was a brilliant idea. Basically this is a short list of books that left a strong impact on me, whether emotionally or educationally. As Stephen so eloquently puts it, the writing style also had an impact on how well I connected to a book. I think it’s fair to say that these books would also be included in a “favorite books of 2022” list.

Though December isn’t quite over, at this point in time I don’t really have any reading plans that might potentially upend this list. I have one last BBNYA book to finish, but I can’t talk about it, so naturally I wouldn’t be able to include it here anyway. And my only other plan is to finish the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

With that said, here are my top five powerful books I read in 2022, in no particular order.

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Nonfiction November Week 2: Book Pairing

First, thanks to Sahi at My World of Books to alerting me to yet another bookish event occurring during November. I saw her response to the Nonfiction November second week prompt pop up Twitter and thought I’d give it a go. Consider me on the fringes of several of the events ongoing this month–Nonfiction November, NetGalley November, and SciFi Month.

So what is Nonfiction November? It’s a month long (approximately) event that runs from October 31 to December 2 during which we celebrate nonfiction reads. There are five hosts: Katie at Doing Dewey, Rennie at What’s Nonfiction, Jaymi at The OC Bookgirl, Christopher at Plucked from the Stacks, and Rebekah at She Seeks Nonfiction. Social media hashtags to use are #NonficNov and #NonfictionBookParty.

Now, let’s get to the prompt.

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