Books I DNF in 2023

This is my third year writing about books I DNF (2022, 2021). This time it’s for books I DNF in 2023. I already posted about my favorite reads in 2023, so if you’re looking for that, then hop on over to that page. Like I said in years past, this is not exactly a list of “worst books.” Rather, this is a list of books I DNF for a variety of reasons. I usually DNF something because I couldn’t get into it, either because I wasn’t in the mood or the style wasn’t for me. I sometimes DNF books because I don’t like them, but thankfully that’s rare.

Now that that’s out of the way (because people love to assume the worst on the internet), I’m here to share the books I DNF in 2023.

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DNF: Brittle by Beth Overmyer

Today I have a review of BRITTLE by Beth Overmyer. Unfortunately, I did not finish this ARC. I debated whether to post this DNF review, but ultimately decided to because, as I said earlier, reviews are for readers.

Author: Beth Overmyer
Series: Blade and Bone #1
Age Category: New Adult
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Publish Date: August 15, 2023
Print Length: 304

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Books I DNF in 2022

I first wrote about books I DNF last year, given that my blog has only been around through one year’s end. To reiterate what I said then, I usually DNF (do/did not finish) a book because I couldn’t get into it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I felt it was badly written. For the most part, I seemed to pick well for myself, which is not a surprise because I know me. As a result, I didn’t DNF a lot of books this year. Note that everyone’s reading preferences are subjective. So, what didn’t work for me might totally work for you.

As an aside, I noticed that people compiled lists of the “worst” books they read this year. Personally, I don’t feel the need to do this because I think my “negative” reviews speak for themselves. However, I have nothing against these types of lists as long as their compilation is tactful. (And for goodness sake, don’t tag the author!) Why? Because I believe reviews and opinions are mainly for fellow readers, not for authors. Once a book hits the market, it’s out of the author’s hands and people have the right to their opinions. If someone truly wants to read a book, they will. A “negative” review or list won’t stop them. And, frankly, let’s be realistic. Life has positives and negatives and I think to just ignore that some people feel “negatively” about a book is toxic positivity. There, I said it.

Anyway, thoughts and feelings aside, here is a list of books I DNF in 2022. It’s a short list, so you can hold your breath. The book cover images link to their official synopses.

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