Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: November 2023

Happy end of November! We’re officially in a time vortex where time seems to move faster because of how busy we all are through the end of the year. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one! We were in Boston and had a great time. Now, onto business: it’s time for my November book blog wrap-up. In case you missed anything, here’s what I was up to…

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Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: October 2023

Happy Halloween, everyone! I often feel as though October should last longer. But this time it seemed to go by more quickly than usual. It started off great and ended not so great. I feel all over the place lately and I get into that a little bit at the end of this post. Despite it all, though, I still managed to read nine books and ~300 pages of Crescent City 1 and write six book reviews. When I take a step back and see these accomplishments, it makes me happy. Anyway, let me get on with my October book blog wrap-up.

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Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: September 2023

Even though I decided to take a semi-hiatus from blogging, I still posted 12 times, including this one. Usually I published 15+ posts per month. This time I focused my posts on reviews only and cut out any weekly meme-related posts. Overall it was nice. I found I had more time to read. Now that my efforts to incorporate SEO are paying off, I may continue to focus more on reviews and less on memes. I may still do the occasional meme post here and there. But the truth is all blogging takes up a lot of time, including relatively simple weekly memes.

Anyway, in case you missed what I was up to in September, read on!

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Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: August 2023

For what should feel like one of the longest months of the year, August went by relatively quickly. At least for me, I think this was because I had something going on every weekend, which made it feel like I didn’t have a lot of down time. And despite feeling like I didn’t read a lot, I ended with this month with 7 books read and a new milestone for my blog. I’ll take it! Onward to my monthly book blog wrap-up for August.

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Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: June 2023

Summer is fully upon me here, meaning a lot of sun, some rain, and even some wildfire smoke. In fact, as I draft this the D.C. area is again experiencing another wave of poor air quality. Currently, my area is in code red (151+ AQI). It also means everyone is awake from their winter slumber and my social calendar is now busier. Typically I see a decrease in my reading during the summer, but I think I’ve just maintained my personal status quo. Now let’s take a look at my monthly book blog wrap-up for June.

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