Indieverse Awards Nominee

Good morning, everyone! I want to share some unexpected and fun news I learned about yesterday. Nathan of Nathan’s Fantasy Reviews alerted me on Twitter that my blog is an Indieverse Awards nominee! The Indieverse Awards nominated my blog in the category “Book Blog I Always Catch Up On.”

I’m not sure what spurred my nomination (maybe my On My Radar posts?), but it was a nice surprise! Sometimes I’m lowkey sad that my blog follower count is low. But this surprise nomination showed me that that’s just a number and people do notice my little niche of the internet!

Other Indieverse Awards Nominees in this category are:

I hadn’t heard of the Indieverse Awards before. In case they’re new to you as well, the Indieverse Awards are to support indie authors. There are a ton of different categories with indie author and book nominees. You can read more about their inspiration here.

It looks like voting occurs in November 2024, with plenty of upcoming activities between now and then for readers. So I’ll try to remember to ask for a little blog loving later this year. Thanks, everyone, for helping make the book blogosphere a fun place to be! I’m honored to be an Indieverse Awards Nominee!

14 thoughts on “Indieverse Awards Nominee

  1. Congratulations! I’m rather new to the blogosphere but yours is a blog i’ve been loving! I’ll give a look at the other nominees, but you’ve got my vote 🙂
    Your On My Radar posts are really good btw. They’re so wonderful to discover new people and new blogs !!

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