Trope-ical Readathon March 2023

It’s that time of year again! Hello, Trope-ical Readathon! For those unaware of Trope-ical Readathon, you can find all of the details here. In summary, it includes 13 “Common Challenges” whose prompts contain common tropes (or their alternatives); 2 team-specific challenges; and 1 team book challenge (out of 2 choices). There are 6 teams and completion of a challenge earns your team points. You can sign up to participate through March 5.

This year I signed up for Team Non-Fiction/Poetry to switch it up. In the past I was with Team Fantasy. Below are the Common Challenges for March 2023 followed by my book choices. I intend to prioritize the ARCs in this list and then mood read for the rest of the month. Though, honestly, there’s no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I’ll be able to read all of these books.

Common Challenges

Trope-ical Readathon March 2023 Common Challenges

Trope-ical Readathon March 2023 Common Challenges reading selections

Absent/dead parentsA book with more than one authorThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Heart of Glass by Brittany Holland [DONE]
Love triangleFollowers/friends choose between two booksWe Who Hunt the Hollow by Kate Murray
Boarding schoolA group/buddy readA Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas [DONE]
Dark academiaA borrowed bookLawn Boy by Jonathan Evison [DONE]
HolidayTakes place in another countryThe Dancing Tree by Kiran Millwood Hargrave* [DONE]
Blast from the pastA book published before 2000The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman [DONE]
Mixed mediaAn audiobook or ebookThe Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill by Rowenna Miller*
Post apocalyptic/dystopiaA book with over 500 pagesThe Auction by Elci North Pestilence by Laura Thalassa [DONE]
Found familyA book in a seriesSome Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh* [DONE]
Coming-of-ageAn indie or self-published bookLibertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge
Multiple POVMultiple POC charactersThe Atlas Paradox by Olive Blake
Bookish themesA book with a pun in the titleThe Midnight Library by Matt Haig
RetellingA book with a TV or movie adaptationGilded Cage by Dani Wyatt [DONE]
Table of chosen books to fulfill the Common Challenges for the March 2023 Trope-ical Readathon. The chosen prompts for the Common Challenges are in bold font.

Team Challenges

Here are the challenges for Team Non-Fiction Poetry:
Team Challenge 1: Read a book with the “Diary/Journal” trope
Team Challenge 2: Read a book written by an actor
New Team Book: Hijab Butch Blues by Lamya H
Old Team Book: Turtle Under Ice by Juleah del Rosario

For the Team Challenge 1 I chose MADLY, DEEPLY: THE DIARIES OF ALAN RICKMAN.

For Team Challenge 2 I chose THE OPPOSITE OF BUTTERFLY HUNTING by Evanna Lynch THE PRINCESS DIARIST by Carrie Fisher.

Are you participating in Trope-ical Readathon this month? Let me know!

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I’ve never heard of this readathon, but it sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, most book clubs, readathons, or tags happen once the month has started, and I’m such an obnoxious planner that I have all my books lined up and ordered from the library several weeks in advance haha. But I look forward to hearing your thoughts on a few of these. I spot several favorites (especially The Midnight Library, which changed my life). Such a fun idea for March!

I can’t believe it’s already time for Trope-ical Readathon again. I plan to post my possibility pile tomorrow and hope those books fit at least one prompt. Lol. I switched things up this time too and joined Team Science Fiction for the first time. I hope you are able to read a ton of these books!

I am! I’m team fantasy! I’m also hosting reading sprints on their sprint account if you ever want to join over there on twitter!

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