Fantasy Landscapes

IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on The gorgeous tree wolf is not royalty-free, but is licensed for use to promote Wyrd and Wonder online. You are welcome to use the banner on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes (except to resize if needed) and always credit the artist!

If you’re not sure what Wyrd and Wonder is, check out my introduction post for more information. Imyril, one of the hosts, also has a post with all of the prompts.

Today’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is fantasy landscapes.

What landscapes or locations feel particularly fantastical to you – and why? Could be (cover) artworks, film / tv locations, places you’ve visited, castles, spooky houses, soaring towers in mountains, beautiful woodland groves, shadowy urban fantasy streets, pools like portals to other worlds – what makes your imagination sing?

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