February 2024 TBR List

I did better than expected with my January TBR list and read five of the seven listed, plus some SFINCS novellas. So I hope to continue the trend this month with my February 2024 TBR list. Crescent City #3 is now out in the world, so I plan to devote my early February reading time to that chonk. I also know February is a super busy month for new fantasy releases. Thankfully I found my self control and didn’t go overboard, so I think my February 2024 TBR list is manageable.

I also have SFINCS novellas to read, too. While I hope to get to a lot of these books below, I know it probably isn’t realistic. This February 2024 TBR list is really more of a way for me to organize what I have to read. After February I think most of my reads will be from my own shelves. I plan to cut back on ARC requests and stick to a couple of my favorite publishers.

Must Reads

House of Flame and Shadows by Sarah J. MaasTales of the Celestial Kingdom by Sue Lynn TanHim by Geoff RyanWhat Have We Here? by Billy Dee Williams

HOUSE OF FLAME AND SHADOW by Sarah J. Maas: This is my #1 priority this month. Bookstagram was out of control when IRON FLAME came out and I expect even worse for CC3. (People already started posting theories/reactions after SJM released the first couple of chapters on her website. Honestly I feel like bookstagram is the worst with highly anticipated releases.) I think this book should count as 3 books because it’s so long!

TALES OF THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM by Sue Lynn Tan: Though I was on time reading the first two books in this world, unfortunately I won’t be this time! Thankfully this is a shorter book, so I expect it won’t take me too long to read it.

HIM by Geoff Ryman: This is a December 2023 ARC from Angry Robot. It is a gender-bent retelling of who is Jesus. I haven’t seen too many reviews out in the wild, but that’s ok. I want to go into this one with almost no knowledge of it so I can form my own opinions.

WHAT HAVE WE HERE? by Billy Dee Williams: I’m the first person in my library holds list for this book, so I have to read it in February. I know it’s not a book exclusively about Williams’s time playing Lando Calrissian in Star Wars. But I certainly look forward to reading those bits, which I hope are in there.

Hopeful Reads

The City of Stardust by Georgia SummersFathomfolk by Eliza ChanThat Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted A Love Potion At A Werewolf by Kimberly LemmingAn Education in Malice by S.T. Gibson

THE CITY OF STARDUST by Georgia Summers: This is a January 2024 ARC. As predicted, I didn’t get to it in January, but maybe I can squeeze it in during February. The general consensus I saw in reviews is that the writing is really lovely, but readers couldn’t as fully connect with other elements of the story.

FATHOMFOLK by Eliza Chan: Not only is the cover gorgeous, but the world sounds so interesting! Set in a semi-submerged city marked as a safe haven for humans and fathomfolk, things aren’t exactly as such. Humans have it nice above water whereas the fathomfolk live in polluted waters. Cue reform and extremist sabotage and reflections on whether change is worth the the pain.

THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND YEETED A LOVE POTION AT A WEREWOLF by Kimberly Lemming: The first book in this series of standalones was a fun read. I expect this one to also not take itself so seriously. This is an early February ARC, so I definitely won’t finish it on time. But, again, it’s not a long book and I finished the last one in 2-3 days. So I expect I can do the same with this one.

AN EDUCATION IN MALICE by S.T. Gibson: I’m not sure I’ll get to this in February because I’m waiting for it in the mail. But it’s on my radar and I’m looking forward to it. I loved Gibson’s writing style in A DOWRY OF BLOOD and can’t wait to read more.

16 thoughts on “February 2024 TBR List

  1. Enjoy House of Flame and Shadow! I usually love Jeff Noon, but I wasn’t drawn to Him at all, probably because of the subject matter. I hope you enjoy it, though????

    1. The subject matter of HIM is precisely why I requested it! ???? Although I’ve seen others say something similar to your opinion. I’m just very intrigued by how the author went about a gender switched (bent? I don’t know yet I need to read it lol) religious figure. It seems provocative.

    1. Thanks, Fanna! I hope I like it, too…ideally I’d like to get to it this month, but we’ll see! I’m currently working on HOUSE OF FLAME AND SHADOW.

  2. Everyone and their mum has been bingeing CC3. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about reading this series anymore but I do have the first two books on my shelf. I hope you love this installment though ???? Also keen to see what you think of Fathomfolk if you get to it this month. Happy reading!

    1. I’m still bingeing CC3!!! lol!! I think I might finish it today, though…I finally have less than 100 pages left. Have you read any of the series yet? The thickness of the books definitely makes it intimidating, and admittedly the first book is a lot of set up and getting used to the world.

  3. Hey Celeste,

    this looks like a great TBR list, and we have one book in common. Of course, it is House of Flame and Shadow which I already finished and reviewed today (spoiler free).

    An Education in Malice is pre-ordered, but I won’t make it to read it this month. And I still have to finish A City of Stardust which I started back in Oct/Nov, but at that moment I couldn’t get into the story. I will give it another try soon.

    If you’d like, here’s my February TBR


    1. I have about 100 pages left of HOUSE OF FLAME AND SHADOW (finally!) and I hope I can finish it today. I’m sorry to see A CITY OF STARDUST didn’t quite grab your attention; I hope you were able to finish it?? My ARC copy of AN EDUCATION IN MALICE arrived, but it arrived really close to the publication date, so I haven’t yet been able to read it.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I have about 100 pages of HOFAS left. Thankfully I’ve managed to avoid spoilers, in large part, I think, because I severely limited my time on bookstagram (which is the worst with spoilers).

  4. So many of these have such gorgeous covers! I’m convinced you’re bound to have a fun and exciting month with these reads. I’m intrigued by Eliza Chan’s book and would totally try that someday! Happy reading, Celeste! 😀

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