Cover Reveal: Conspirators’ Kingdom by Elyse Thomson

Today I’m pleased to be part of the cover reveal crew for CONSPIRATORS’ KINGDOM by Elyse Thomson. CONSPIRATORS’ KINGDOM is the second installment of the Mages of Oblivion fantasy book series. Described as a gender-swapped Cleopatra meets The Cruel Prince, readers can expect some spice, political intrigue, and morally grey characters.

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Cover Reveal

Conspirators' Kingdom by Elyse Thomson

About the Book

Author: Elyse Thomson
Series: Mages of Oblivion Book 2
Age Category: Adult
Publisher: Two Laurels Press
Publish Date: February 6, 2024
Links: Preorder and Goodreads

A disgraced villainess

Daughter of a dead traitor, lightning mage Taisiya and her surviving family live as pariahs. Taking on the new, unwanted role of diplomat for the isolated empire of Lethe gives the proud mage a chance to reverse her family’s misfortunes and regain her once-respected status. When arrivals from abroad include a handsome fae prince in need of a wife, she rushes to play matchmaker in return for riches.

A prince plotting a coup

Fae Prince Mereruka has kingly ambitions and six siblings who stand in his way. He is convinced the king’s command to marry a barbarian from a cursed land will either kill him, or worse, ruin his schemes. Yet meeting the ruthless, enterprising Taisiya gives him hope he has found his perfect—vicious—other half.

And a match made in hell…for everyone else

They strike a deal. Wealth and power for a bride. Except the price of failure is a favour—in whatever form he chooses. As they trade in innuendos and barbs, and bride candidates become scarce, Mereruka can hardly wait to see her fail in order to claim his favour—Taisiya’s hand in marriage. But it is her heart he must win if he hopes to survive his brother’s bloodthirsty court. Only a couple united in villainy can slay their way to the throne, and if he fails, their heads will roll.

The Cruel Prince meets a gender-swapped Cleopatra in book two of the Mages of Oblivion series, perfect for fans of morally grey characters, lethal court intrigue and steamy fantasy.

About the Author

Elyse Thomson writes steamy fantasy full of court intrigue, daring heroines, magical mayhem, swoon-worthy romances and worlds inspired by ancient history. Elyse graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelors in History and Classics and currently resides in Canada’s capital where you can find her binding antiquarian books, playing Dragon Age or snuggling with her husband or her neurotic terrier.

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