Second Blogiversary: Questions and Answers

Wow, wow, wow! I feel like I literally just celebrated my first blogiversary. Yet here I am, celebrating my second blogiversary. How time flies when you’re having fun. I have had, and am still having, so much fun in this book blog/book Twitter community, which was my start. Since then I joined Instagram sometime between year one and two of reigniting my reading passion. And though I don’t post a ton there, I’ve enjoyed those interactions, too. Thank you, everyone, for following along!

Like last year, I decided to do another question and answer session. It’s a fun way to interact with the book community. And it makes me put on my thinking cap. Thank you to all who submitted questions! Now, on to the questions, which I separated into two categories: blogging and reading.

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First Blogiversary: A Question and Answer Session

And just like that, my first year of blogging has come and gone! I posted my first book review on March 21, 2021 on Crisis in the Red Zone by Richard Preston. Since then I’ve posted many more book reviews and other bookish content; not to mention I’ve met a lot of awesome bookish people along the way. To celebrate I decided to do my first ever Q&A session. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question(s) in this Twitter thread! I grouped the questions into two broad categories: Blogging and Reading. So keep scrolling to learn more about my blog and I!

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