On My Radar: May 2024

Well, better late than never, but here’s the May 2024 On My Radar list! I’m a few days late because I was on vacation. Here are a few of the posts on my radar around the blogosphere in May. Notably, check out Jodie’s post on Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week 2024, also listed below in the “Bookish Miscellany” section. Hopefully this introduces you to a few more bookish posts you might’ve missed last month!



Bookish Miscellany

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    1. OK that was supposed to be an emoji not me sounding like I was confused! I seem to be forever leaving weird typos around the internet in comments these days. 😀

      1. Oh it’s not just you, there’s something wonky going on with the emojis in the comments people leave me. I haven’t figured out what’s going on because I haven’t personally changed anything. In fact I deactivated one of the comment plug ins I was using to solely use Jetpack and it was happening on both. So idk! ????‍♀️

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