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If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I cut back on my posting frequency, particularly with respect to tags or weekly memes. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll never post that content again. When I saw The Official Spooky Season Book Tag pop up on various blogs, I thought it looked like a lot of fun. Since fun is good, here I am joining this tag. If you want to see other bloggers’ answers, check out Blogging With Dragons and Books Are 42.


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  • Have fun and get spooky!!!

Questions and Answers

Question 1: You hear a strange noise in the night – the monsters got inside! Which book character would you choose to protect you from harm?

There are so many good answers for this, but I choose Azriel from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Since he’s a Shadowsinger he can use his shadows for transport, to hide, and to learn secrets. Plus he’s a lethal and skilled warrior. He’s silent, but deadly, if you will.

Question 2: You go on vacation and your hotel is located right next to a cemetery. Which book character do you really hope is not hiding in the shadows?

Sister, Maiden, Monster by Lucy A. Snyder

I’m going to try not to make all my answers relate back to ACOTAR. It’s a tough feat, but I think I can do it. I wouldn’t want to run into the pandemic monster product in SISTER, MAIDEN, MONSTER by Lucy A. Snyder. It’s not one character in particular, but rather something that happens to various characters. I shall say no more in case someone reading this post has yet to read the book.

Question 3: It’s a particularly cold night and you decide to stay inside. Which three book characters would you like to spend a trivia quiz and board game night with?

The Navigating Fox by Christopher RoweProject Hail Mary by Andy Weir

I think Hermione would be an interesting person to play trivia with. It’d probably be more a game of, “Can I beat Hermione?” I would also choose Quintus Shu’al who is the title namesake of THE NAVIGATING FOX by Christopher Rowe. And finally, Ryland Grace from PROJECT HAIL MARY.

Question 4: Time for a big adventure! The scary book you pick transports you into its world. Where do you end up?

A Season of Monstrous Conceptions by Lina Rather

Given one of my recent reads is in the horror genre, I pick 1675 London during a time of witchy convergence and uncanny births. Lina Rather writes about this in A SEASON OF MONSTROUS CONCEPTIONS. That time period already sounds dismal. Throw in some monsters and superstition and that sounds scary enough to me.

Question 5: No Halloween without Trick or Treat-ing! Which book character do you think has the sweetest tooth?

Kissing Kosher by Jean Meltzer

Probably Ethan in KISSING KOSHER by Jean Meltzer. The whole premise of the book revolves around a Jewish bakery and he’s a fan of Best Babka’s pumpkin babka.

Question 6: The fairies are angry and want a sacrifice from your bookshelf. Which scary book has to go and why?

This is the easiest question of the bunch, I think! I have stacks of books, many of which I intend to sell or donate after I read them. So for this question I choose LAKESEDGE by Lyndall Clipstone. It’s nothing personal, I just know generally gothic novels are a one time read for me.

Question 7: You decide you feel more autumnal rather than halloween-y today. Which book setting would you choose for a more cosy and less scary vibe?

AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS by Margaret Rogerson immediately comes to mind. It’s a YA fantasy book with the fae and a bit of instalove, but it’s a fun read.

Question 8: The witch is cooking up a spell in her cauldron and you have to add one magic ingredient. Which item from a book are you adding to the mixture?

I don’t think I’ve read many books that have magic ingredients. If I recall correctly, I think herbs and the like are used in A RIVER ENCHANTED by Rebecca Ross. So, while this may be a boring answer, I choose chamomile. I’m having a bit of a brain freeze here.

Question 9: You get to decide which bookish place to visit for Halloween. Which book setting is the scariest – and gets crossed off the list?

Ledge by Stacey McEwan

I wouldn’t want to visit THE LEDGE by Stacey McEwan. I don’t think this is a a scary setting in the traditional sense, but it is quite inhospitable. It’s cold and icy, food is scarce, and humans get picked off by the Glacians. No thanks.

Question 10: The big day is finally here: it’s Halloween! Which book character do you dress up as, and what would be part of your outfit?

I mean, my last answer has to be ACOTAR-related, yes? So I choose Feyre Archeron, but huntress Feyre prior to her entanglement with the Fae. A bow and arrow would definitely be part of my outfit.

And that’s it for The Official Spooky Season Book Tag! If you want to participate, feel free to tag yourselves. Happy Halloween!

8 thoughts on “The Official Spooky Season Book Tag

  1. “Which book setting is scariest and gets crossed off the list?” Ha, I can feel myself cringe as I think of this question! Over the years I have started to read a fair bit of horror (“fair” meaning a handful of books a year as opposed to NO SCARY BOOKS EVER NO WAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH). And the one that came to mind immediately was Ania Ahlborn’s ‘Within These Walls.’ This Manson-esque serial killer offers an exclusive interview to a true crime author as long as he moves to the house he committed his murders in and lives there as the conduct the interviews. Then creeeeeepy things start happening. So no thank you, I’m passing there.

    Actually, this piece is making me realize I haven’t read any scary books yet this October. Maybe I need to get on that. Hmmm…

    1. Haha Within These Walls sounds like a hard no thank you for me. I also only read “a fair bit of horror” aka 1 or 2 per year. It’s not really my jam, though if it’s relatively gore free I can probably tolerate it, but it’s not what I reach for first.

    1. A River of Enchantment is another sort of cozy, mystical read…I think that would be a decent one for fall, too.

  2. Loved your answer of Azriel for the first question and Feyre with her bow for the last. I think I’ve seen a couple references to Lucy A. Snyder in this tags, but I’ve never read any of her books. I’ll have to look into her.

    1. I’ve only read one of Snyder’s books. It was a horror, so while I can’t say I loved it, I certainly reacted to it, lol. Hello, nightmares!

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