SFINCS Review: Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow

Today’s review is about ROXY BUCKLES AND THE FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW. It’s a light sci-fi novella in which Roxy the bounty hunter receives a job to bring a bomber to justice. There are snarky women; humanoid, non-binary feline aliens; and sex-crazed Witchlings that love kidnapping men for a snack.

SFINCS logoThis review is brought to you by my participation in the Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship (SFINCS). SFINCS, pronounced “sphinx”, is a yearly competition to recognize, honor, and celebrate the talent and creativity present in the indie community. It’s a sister competition to both SPFBO and SPSFC, and it highlights greatness in the novella format in all areas of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.). I am part of Team Behind the Musings. You can find out more about us here.

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