Book Haul: April 2022

This is probably the last book haul I’ll do until the next library sale in the fall. As I mentioned in my March book haul, these take forever to format, therefore I’m not a fan of dedicating time to these. BUT here I am again because my library had another spring sale, this time for the adult age category.

I found a decent amount of books. They had a large selection of sci-fi and fantasy. However, a lot of it was older mass market paperback-sized books that I didn’t know anything about; and these sales are busy, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time researching them. All this to say that I didn’t buy a lot of SFF because most of it was unknown to me. Instead I ended up with a good mix this time of SFF, fiction, and nonfiction. Of course there were definitely other books that piqued my interest, but I opted to go the library route in the future for those; I only have so much space!

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