SFINCS Review: The Re-Emergence by Alan Dell

Today’s review is about THE RE-EMERGENCE by Alan K. Dell. It’s a science fiction novella that stands on its own. It features a sentience satellite that alerts the crew of a ship to the nearby presence of ancient wanderers, now believed to be myth. This is a high stakes and action packed adventure across uncharted space.

SFINCS logoThis review is brought to you by my participation in the Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship (SFINCS). SFINCS, pronounced “sphinx”, is a yearly competition to recognize, honor, and celebrate the talent and creativity present in the indie community. It’s a sister competition to both SPFBO and SPSFC, and it highlights greatness in the novella format in all areas of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.). I am part of Team Behind the Musings. You can find out more about us here.

Author: Alan K. Dell
Series: The Augment Saga Book 1
Age Category: Adult
Publisher: Self-Published
Publish Date: May 30, 2021
Print Length: 138
Purchase: Amazon

Official Synopsis

“It was just a myth. Just a damn legend passed down from corrupted databanks…”

A strange probe from a long-forgotten satellite network appears in the P’hori star system. Its message: a dire warning signalling the return of an ancient mythological evil. Imperator Da’kora Corasar and the crew of the Qesh’kal are sent to determine the probe’s origin, and find that the satellite is not as they had expected. Corasar trusts the satellite’s data, but not everyone aboard agrees. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested as they track down the source of the signal. Thrust into conflict, the crew of the Qesh’kal must chase their foe across the galactic arm and save their home from certain destruction.

My Review

THE RE-EMERGENCE starts out as a calm science fiction with a sentient satellite talking to itself and playing what is essentially outer space chess with a fellow satellite. But don’t get too comfortable because one minute you’re chuckling along with a satellite and the next you’re thrust into battle with the crew of the Qesh’kal.

The official blurb is an excellent representation of what to expect in THE RE-EMERGENCE. This novella packs a high stakes battle across uncharted space in a pre-emptive effort to prevent the not-so-mythical ancient wanderers from once again wiping out whole civilizations. Although this is the first installment of a series, no prior knowledge of the world is necessary. The author expertly sets the scene for an introduction into the P’hori star system. There is some tech jargon, but it doesn’t overwhelm the story, especially once the action starts escalating.

Those looking for a well-developed one-two-punch science fiction adventure will certainly enjoy THE RE-EMERGENCE. It has a true artificial intelligence, a quick thinking crew, and is a thrilling read for the casual or frequent sci-fi reader.

Rating: withheld
Content warnings: death, blood, violence
Reading format: Kindle e-book

6 thoughts on “SFINCS Review: The Re-Emergence by Alan Dell

  1. This sounds like a great story! Is there a reason why you’re withholding your rating? I’ve seen that you do on all posts for the competition so i’m curious to know if you don’t mind ????

    1. Nope, I don’t mind! My understanding is we’re supposed to withhold ratings until each round is done. My teammates also have not been releasing ratings when they do reviews.

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