Sundays In Bed With…The Words of Kings and Prophets

I decided a few months ago to stick mostly to posting reviews on my blog for the sake of my free time. That doesn’t preclude me, however, from posting the occasional book meme when inspiration strikes! So allow me to join in today with a Sundays In Bed With… post.

The Sundays in Bed With… meme, hosted by Midnight Book Girl, dares to ask what book has been in your bed this morning. Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed, or which book you wish you had time to read today!

The Words of Kings and Prophets by Shauna Lawless

The Words of Kings and Prophets by Shauna Lawless

I just finished my ARC of TWO TWISTED CROWNS, so I thought I’d continue with the ARC trend and start this one. I am…4% in since I started it late last night. It’s been over a year since I read the first book, THE CHILDREN OF GODS AND FIGHTING MEN. I hope I can remember what happened, otherwise I might be a little lost at the start. If you read the first book, then you know it’s a historical fantasy based on real-life characters. As I mentioned in my book review, “It’s immersive and mixes real-life history with Irish mythology as Celtic and Viking culture mesh together.” This will probably be the last ARC I pick up this year since I want to start HOUSE OF SKY AND BREATH soon.

About the Book

Author: Shauna Lawless
Series: Gael Song #2
Age Category: Adult
Publisher: Head of Zeuss
Publish Date: September 14, 2023
Print Length: 416

The sequel to the critically acclaimed The Children of Gods and Fighting MenThe Words of Kings and Prophets is the powerful new historical fantasy novel by Shauna Lawless.

Ireland, 1000 AD. Gormflaith is unhappily married to Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and although a queen she struggles with her limited position. As an immortal Fomorian with the secret gift of magic, Gormflaith has a burning desire: to find and destroy the hidden fortress of her sworn enemies, the Descendants, who seek to kill her kind at all costs. She begins to use her magical powers, and discovers she is more skilled than she ever realised… but can she control what she will become?

Meanwhile Fó dla, the Descendants’ healer, mourns her banished sister but clings to life as the guardian of her young nephew. She seeks a place of safety for them both, but he has secrets of his own that could threaten everything – and Fó dla must do all in her power to keep him hidden away from those who would use him for evil.

When a mysterious man comes to King Brian’s court, his presence could spell disaster or deliverance for both Gormflaith and Fó dla – and for Ireland herself. For he is Tomas, an ambitious immortal with few scruples – and he will do anything to see his plans become reality.

Soon, mortals and immortals alike are drawn towards a bitter conflict that could decide the future of Ireland and all her people.

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