Which Fantasy Character Would You Swap Lives With?

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If you’re not sure what Wyrd and Wonder is, check out my introduction post for more information. Imyril, one of the hosts, also has a post with all of the prompts.

Today’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is “step into another’s shoes.” That is, if you could swap lives with a fantasy character, who would you want to be and why?

So, who which fantasy character would I want to swap lives with? This is actually more difficult than I thought it would be. When I think about the hardships my favorite characters went through I wonder if I would want to experience that if I swapped lives with them. I think of those reels that pop up now and again about what we’d actually do if we found ourselves stuck in a forest, starving, thrashing through brambles. Most of us would probably be a sight more ridiculous than the main character(s)! Then again, why so serious? This is Wyrd and Wonder, a fun celebration of fantasy! Lighten up!

Honestly, the first character that came to mind is Feyre Archeron from the A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES series by Sarah J. Maas. Is this blog an ACOTAR stan account in disguise? I’ll never tell. Why? Well, simply put I simp for Rhysand. (Look at me using the kids’ vernacular these days.) I’m thinking with my head here. Chapter 55, am I right? Ahem, moving on….

I’m going to use some less formal language to say that yes, Feyre went through some (spoiler-free) shit throughout the series. Do I want to go through that? Absolutely not. But I identified with her a lot in that she kept pushing through it all, for better or worse. (If I’m honest with myself I’d consider myself a blend of Feyre and Nesta, but that’s for another day. I keep my Nesta side hidden on Twitter, but sometimes it’ll come out to play.) Once most of the bad days passed she found she was in a pretty cool place. She found herself surrounded with loyal, honest, and spirited friends. Not to mention her court of residence (being intentionally vague here) seems like a dream.

So there’s my stream of consciousness to fulfill this prompt. Not planned out at all like my regularly scheduled book reviews. Sometimes you just have to let it flow.

If you also answered this prompt on your blog, share the link with me in a comment! Or, if you don’t have a blog, tell me in a comment who you’d swap places with.

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