Monthly Book Blog Wrap-Up: December 2021

Holy smokes, it’s the end of the year. Despite being homebound for the most part (no thanks to the pandemic), this year flew by. I guess time flies when you bury your nose in a book to ignore the rest of the world? There are certainly worse coping mechanisms. I felt like I didn’t read very much this December, but I ended up publishing a record number of posts this month since starting my blog. Counting this one, December has a total of 13 blog posts. Onward!

Book Reviews
I posted five book reviews in December, which is a little more than average for me. No complaints here. From earliest to latest I reviewed:

Book Memes
In addition to my monthly wrap-up for November, I posted 5 book memes:

I also posted a list of books that I did not finish (DNF) in 2021. Thankfully the list is short. Truthfully, I wanted to DNF a few NetGalley requests, but felt I needed to finish them out of respect for the system; plus, I also wanted to increase my review percentage.

Other Book-ish Progress
I finally finished reading Half Sick of Shadows by Laura Sebastian. I absolutely loved it and was a teary-eyed mess at the end. Now I just need to get my butt into action and write my review for it.

I started reading The Cicada Tree by Robert Gwaltney, which is a NetGalley approval. However, I didn’t get very far because 1) I really wanted to finish Prophecy of Love, another NG read; 2) Skin of the Sea arrived at the library for me and there’s a holds list, so I started reading that instead; and 3) I have a few other NG reads with earlier publication dates that I need to prioritize.

I also finished watching season two of The Witcher and loved it. I’ve seen mixed reactions from readers on book Twitter about the books. Even so, I’m thinking about trying to read a few of the books in 2022. But we’ll see. I’m very much a mood reader rather than a planner, so anything goes.

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