On My Radar: February 2024

Well, this is a larger post than my usual “On My Radar” segments for no particular reason. The extra time spent accumulating this awesome content means you, dear readers, get to visit even more awesome posts. So, please feel free to peruse this list of some of the reviews, discussions, and bookish miscellany I noted in this On My Radar February 2024 edition.



Bookish Miscellany

Anyway, that’s a wrap for the On My Radar February 2024 roundup! I hope you found something interesting to hop over to from the list!

21 thoughts on “On My Radar: February 2024

  1. Thank you for including me! I agree with your thoughts on the ACOTAR adaptation. While it would be cool to see the world developed in live action, I’m not confident that it can be done well or that it won’t get cancelled after one season like so many other shows recently. Given its popularity, I think it is highly likely a show would end up making a lot of people mad regardless of its quality because there is no way for them to adapt each person’s headcanon.

    1. You’re welcome! Yea I worry with any kind of adaptation of ACOTAR that they’d speed through the story (like with Shadow & Bone) & just destroy the careful character development SJM wrote. Plus ACOTAR is 4.5 books, each seemingly longer than the last. Not to mention how to cast the “perfect” actor for Rhysand & actress for Feyre. Personally, I have fairly distinct images of them in my head & I don’t want those superseded by any actor lol.

  2. Wow! I always love your On my Radar posts and this one is definitely a mega edition. Thank you so much for including my review.
    I can’t see how ACOTAR could possibly please everyone and the cost of doing it properly would surely be prohibitive. Animation could well be the way to go.

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