ARC Review: That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming

Today’s review is about THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND YEETED A LOVE POTION AT A WEREWOLF by Kimberly Lemming. It’s the second installment in the Mead Mishaps series of standalones. This is a slice-of-life fantasy romance between a human and a werewolf. There is sassy banter abound in this relatively low stakes, light read.

Author: Kimberly Lemming
Series: Mead Mishaps #2
Age Category: Adult
Publisher: Orbit
Publish Date: February 6, 2024
Print Length: 288

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Official Synopsis

Cheesemaker Brie has the world’s worst luck in love, which is how she ends up falling for a lactose intolerant werewolf, in this raunchy, laugh-out-loud rom-com fantasy by the genre’s freshest new voice, Kimberly Lemming.

Brie’s never been particularly coordinated…or lucky. Who else would accidentally throw a drink at someone’s head only to miss entirely and hit a stranger behind them? And who else would have that stranger fall madly in love with them because it turns out that the drink she threw was a love potion? Yeah, probably just Brie….

Running her cheese business and dealing with a pirate ship full of demons that just moved into town was hard enough. Now on top of it, she has to convince a werewolf that she’s not really his fated mate. Though even she’s got to admit…having a gorgeous man show up and do all her chores while telling her she’s beautiful isn’t the worst thing to happen to a girl.

My Review

I received a free, digital, advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is my own and reflects my honest opinion about this book.

THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND YEETED A LOVE POTION AT A WEREWOLF basically opens with Brie fending off the unwelcome advances of a local man. Frustrated that he can’t take “no” for an answer, Brie throws his proffered drink at him. However, it accidentally ends up hitting Felix, a werewolf. Soon after she finds out the drink actually contained a love potion. Stuck with a lovestruck werewolf who swears Brie is his fated mate, entertainment ensues. Brie has to decide whether to give in to her attraction to Felix or risk his demise if she does not.

This second installment of the Mead Mishap series is much lighter on the plot than THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND SAVED A DEMON. Right off the bat the title suggests seriousness is not the name of the game. And it certainly lives up to that expectation between the premise and the sassy banter between all characters. However, I think it takes a reader who is flexible and willing to just go with the flow to fully enjoy this story.

The story very quickly gets to the spice without much character or relationship development. Granted, I suppose it’s hard to establish a relationship when it involves a love potion, instalust, and the threat of dying if that lust remains unsatiated. That said, I had not yet become attached to the characters. So my mind wasn’t ready for the quick jump to very personal relations. (I’ve come to realize that this is definitely a personal preference of mine: relationship development first then proceed to the fun times.) Also, for those looking for something a little different, some of the spice is a bit niche.

I think I might have better enjoyed YEETED A LOVE POTION AT A WEREWOLF if it had more of a plot. Rather, it’s a “slice of life” fantasy romance with a little bit of adventure at the end. I found I wasn’t quite the audience for it, but it may work well for other readers. As such, it didn’t captivate me as much the first book, though I appreciated Brie’s “take no shit” attitude. It’s a quick and easy read and, despite my subjective experience and opinion, it was a great palate cleanser after reading an action-packed epic fantasy.

Rating: 3
Content warnings: blood, death, violence, sexual content (dubious consent and consensual), light BDSM
Reading format: Kindle e-book

6 thoughts on “ARC Review: That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming

  1. I’m planning on starting the first book this week, and I’m a little sad this one wasn’t quite as good as the first. I’m still curious enough to try the books, though.

    1. Well, the nice thing is that they’re fun, easy reads. I don’t read that fast and I finished each one in 2 days. Sometimes it’s just nice to read something that’s not so serious. 🙂

    1. Haha so true…I don’t think I see “yeeted” used as slang anymore. But it seems millennial fashion is coming back around, so why not slang? 😛

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