Book Blogger Hop: March 11-17

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer’s permission, Coffee Addicted Writer relaunched the hop on February 15, 2013. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog. 

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This Week’s Question

Do you have a bookish pet peeve? If so, what is it? (Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

This will sound like such a negative blog post, but the question is about pet peeves, so here we go….

With respect to tropes, I’ve recently realized that I’m not a huge fan of miscommunication/withholding information as a plot device. More often than not, based on my recent reads, I feel that the miscommunication trope is an “easy” way to progress the story, particularly at the beginning. Perhaps some will view my opinion as “fighting words,” but I said what I said. Yes, miscommunication happens often on a daily basis, generally with more mundane things. I feel that the character who withholds information from another character who is in their late teens and older should give the latter the benefit of the doubt that they can process this new information.

I also dislike when authors 1) use the same handful of adjectives to describe something; or 2) continuously feel the need to re-describe something. A few times is ok to establish the setting or physical description of a character in the reader’s mind. But after that give the reader some credit that they’ll be able to remember the details.

2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: March 11-17

  1. I have aphantasia, which means that I don’t have a mind’s eye. If you asked me to picture something in my head, I’d know what the picture would be in words, but I’d only see black. So having a lot of descriptions and re-descriptions isn’t particularly helpful, because well, I can’t picture anything anyways! That’s definitely a pet peeve of mine too.

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